Posted by: Madeline Gabriel | November 22, 2011

Dogs and Babies Blog is Moving!

Well, just like moving to a new home, you get to that point where a new website is ready “enough” to just move in and deal with the remaining boxes and picture hanging as you go.

Probably not ready for a fancy dinner party but no sense waiting forever to invite friends over.

That’s where I am with the new website — everything from this blog has been transferred over and re-formatted. There’s lots more I will be adding and plenty of stuff to organize, tweak and fix up.  BUT, it’s as least as good as what’s here and, I think, a lot cuter:

My intended “audience” is expectant parents and families with dogs and young children — the period from Pregnancy to Preschool.  I’m back to work on my book project and will fill in bits and pieces on the new website with excerpts.

So, check it out and if you want to continue to receive updates, please subscribe to the new blog.  Also, you’ll see there’s a new “Reviews” section where you can write your thoughts and highlight anything you think will be pertinent for new readers and a Q&A section where I’ll try to answer at least one question per month in a lot of detail.

The goal is for the website to eventually become a resource for preparing before baby arrives and to make on-going, real life with dog and baby more enjoyable for everyone.  There is so much more to this than sniffing the baby’s blanket!

(Of course, my own children are not going away any time soon, so my time remains limited and I can only work on this a little bit at a time.  AND, we’re getting a new puppy in a few months…)


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