Posted by: Madeline Gabriel | September 15, 2011

Updated Classes for Dogs!

Heads Up!…I’ve moved this blog to my new website:  You can find this post and comments through November here.  Information on current class options here.  If you are subscribing, commenting, linking or sharing, please do so from the new website.

My lecture classes presented through Sharp and Scripps childbirth education programs are chock full of information about safety and planning and managing expectations from pregnancy through preschool.  It’s an excellent stand-alone class and definitely necessary for the safety side of things.

As part of the “dog profiling” part of the class, we identify training gaps and individual areas for improvement.  While I provide lots of resources for the “do-it-yourselfers,” I know not everyone learns as easily from books or videos and there’s no substitute for getting to work with your own dog under a trainer’s guidance and encouragement.

With that in mind, I’m starting two new classes to offer more hands-on support both pre and post-baby:

  1. Loose Leash Walking With a Stroller, and
  2. Loving Life With Dog and Baby

These classes are an adjunct to the Dogs and Babies – Play It Safe! class and are not a replacement.  However, classes can be taken in any order.  You don’t even have to be pregnant!

See class description page which includes contact info for questions and registration.

Let’s make it a smooth transition to life with baby!

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