Posted by: Madeline Gabriel | February 12, 2011

Liam J Perk Foundation So YOUR Child Will Have a Tomorrow

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I started this blog last year with an early post about Liam Perk.  See it here.  Liam’s family have put together a beautiful and educational website to honor their boy’s memory while protecting other people’s children — you know, yours and mine.

It’s tempting to want to think that something like this couldn’t happen to us.  Somehow, we think that good intentions are enough or we get lulled into a false sense of security when our dogs seem “fine” with the things our children do.

When tragedy strikes, it’s human nature to protect ourselves by thinking, “It couldn’t happen to us” or “It was  freak accident that no one could have predicted” and just go on as before.  Liam Perk’s family is doing their best not to let that happen through their foundation’s educational efforts to reach other families with the information they discovered too late.

Excerpt from “A Note From Liam’s Mom:”

“After returning home from the hospital without Liam and no dogs in the house, I said to my sister, ‘We need to let people know.‘”

Liam’s dad says, “I would give everything I have or will ever have just to hold and love Liam only for another moment…”

All he asks now is that you read Liam’s story and learn from it so your family stays safe.  Tell your friends, too.

Liam J. Perk Foundation —



  1. This is heartbreaking beyond words.

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